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Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆) - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆)
Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆)
Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆)
Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆)
Zoom 工房えらむ/五寸蒔地皿 約14.5cm(栗・漆)

Kobo Eramu / 5 cm maki ground plate, about 14.5 cm (chestnut, lacquer)



A plate-sized five-inch plate with a beautiful matte lacquer texture. The texture, unevenness, and distortion that are unique to wood are not found in ceramics or glass, giving you an indescribable sense of security. For everyday use, especially on plates. It looks like it's good for cakes and more. Makiji is a technique of sowing natural powder called ground powder and hardening it with lacquer. It has a rough texture and is finished with matte black lacquer, making it scratch resistant and easy to use on a daily basis. The plate is made with a little thickness, and it has a rustic look, but it is a good plate.

Kobo Eramu is an atelier located in the woods of Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture. Yozo Tanaka, a woodworking artist, makes pottery carved out of solid wood. While cherishing the senses of the hands, each piece of work has a pleasant distortion unique to handwork, and is made by making the most of the individuality of the wood. Mr. Tanaka's work is digging out while searching for a shape that fits well in the hand, so the moment you hold it, it feels like it fits into your hand. Highly recommended for daily necessities, special day hospitality, and gifts.








made in japan