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Zoomボートネック(ブラック) - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom neck (black) neck (black)

off long-sleeve boat neck knitted with silk.
The material is very soft and has just the right amount of elasticity, so you can wash it in your washing machine at home. The color scheme is available in 3 colors: beige that does not show through under the shirt, navy that is easy to match with dark colors, and black.

The texture that blends well with the skin is so good that you can immediately feel its goodness when you wear it. It has excellent breathability, wicking, hygroscopicity, and moisturizing properties, is resistant to static electricity, and protects the skin from UV rays. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, keeping you dry and comfortable. Even if you sweat, it dries quickly and doesn't get cold easily, so you can use it all year round.

The fit and shape do not show through even when worn under a long-sleeved top. It is comfortable on the skin and is recommended as a cold protection item.


made in japan








¥10,000 以上送料無料

すべての商品が税込 ¥10,000以上で送料無料。できる限り資源を減らしたシンプルな梱包を心がけ、丁寧に配送させていだきます。配送は指定がなければ通常1~3営業日以内に出荷しております。









Zoom LIVRER/ランジェリー用洗剤(イランイラン&ベリー) - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom LIVRER/ランジェリー用洗剤(イランイラン&ベリー) - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE

LIVRER / lingerie detergent (ylang-ylang & berry)

Laundry detergent for delicate lingerie. It is ideal for delicate underwear such as fine chiffon, lace, and silk. While preserving the texture of delicate clothing, it is a firm approach to blood, protein, sebum, and odors. Wash your precious lingerie to a supple and soft finish.

A highly concentrated blend of coconut-derived cleansing ingredients and amino acids, which are moisturizing/softening ingredients used in cosmetics, at the best ratio. It enhances detergency, prevents shrinkage and gives softness to clothes. Fragrances are based on essential oils and contain cosmetic-grade fragrances so that the scent remains even after washing, improving the stability of the product. A laundry detergent with natural ingredients that can be safely used by people with sensitive skin.

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