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Zoom ceramic japan モデラート/ティーポット(ホワイト) - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom ceramic japan moderate/teapot (white)
Zoom ceramic japan moderate/teapot (white)
Zoom ceramic japan moderate/teapot (white)

ceramic japan moderate/teapot (white)



The smooth and somewhat warm texture feels good in the hand. The handle has a unique indentation that makes you want to put your finger on it. A comfortable pot that you will want to use when you want to take a break while drinking tea or coffee.
The handles and rims are light and modern, with a sharp design that goes well with both Japanese and Western styles. It is designed so that the cups can be stacked on top of the pot, making it compact when stored.
Ceramic Japan's Moderato series is a product designed by incorporating the tradition of "Seto ware" into the modern age. A masterpiece that combines traditional craft techniques with modern industrial design.






made in japan