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Zoom hatsutoki fabric / twill - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom hatsutoki fabric / twill - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE
Zoom hatsutoki fabric / twill - hatsutoki ONLINE STORE

hatsutoki fabric / twill



"Is this cotton?" Beautiful luster unique to high-quality yarn spun with the finest technology. And behind the luster, there is a simple, delicate yet somewhat nostalgic feeling that comes from cotton, a plant that has been familiar with people's lives for a long time. The inspiration created by this material is the origin of hatsutoki's aesthetic sense of "supple everyday wear".
Twill is one of the most primitive patterns, the basic structure of the threads of textiles. This primitive yet deep pattern is also used for denim, and is a fabric characterized by three-dimensional diagonal lines (twill). Using ultra-fine cotton threads and supported by the technique of banshu weaving, overlapping colored threads form a deep chambray and fine twill.

It's a quality cotton fabric that you can't get at general handicraft stores, and it's a standard textile similar to that used for hatsutoki products. Recommended for those who do dressmaking. It is also recommended as a partition in a room or as a blindfold curtain.




繊細な生地です。縫製をされる方は仕様にご注意下さい。中縫い1本+ロックの始末などは力が掛かる部分ではおすすめしません。また、ボタンホールやポケット口、閂止めなど力が掛かる部分は破けやすい為何枚か重なる様な仕様に工夫するか、裏からポイントで接着芯を貼るなど配慮してください。 ジャストサイズのデザインでは、生地に負荷をかける場合があり、長く着用できない可能性がございます。またドレープが美しい生地でもありますのでゆとりのあるデザインをおすすめ致します。




生地幅 110cm


コットン 100%※兵庫県西脇市で染め、織、最終の加工まですべて行っております。 生地感:薄手で透け感があります。

made in japan(播州織)